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Kyra smaller

Kyra Cavanaugh

Random Details
- Worked in Switzerland for a year
- Business, psychology and French major
- Loves training middle managers

As president of Life Meets Work, Kyra has helped hundreds of companies think differently about how work gets done. She works with organizations of all types to incorporate innovative workforce practices into their day-to-day operations. She specializes in providing consulting and training services to overcome middle manager resistance as a critical (and often overlooked) component of change management for new ways of working. Life Meets Work clients have included Deloitte, CenturyLink, Toyota Financial Services, WellStar Health System, Turner, Astellas, and Mars North America.

Kyra authored the book Who Works Where [and Who Cares?], a hands-on book that shows managers how to boost collaboration and performance even when their teams don’t work together in the same time or space (2014). She is a key advisor to the Families and Work/SHRM partnership to drive awareness and support for workflex as a business imperative.

She’s a nationally-recognized speaker, blogger and commentator on workforce issues, and the recipient of the 2011 Work-Life Rising Star Award by Alliance for Work-Life Progress. Her expertise has made her a go-to media resource for publications such as Crain’s, Chicago Tribune, Market Watch, and WorkingMother Media.

Before founding Life Meets Work in 2007, Kyra spent almost 20 years in the consumer packaged goods industry. Working in many functional areas for companies like Quaker Oats, Keebler, Dominick’s Finer Foods, and Willard Bishop, she drove innovation and change. She is a graduate of Aquinas College, and mother of three boys.

Often heard saying, “You have to focus on your people if you want to innovate and grow.”

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Teresa Hopke Photo

Teresa Hopke
SVP, Client Relations

Random Details
- Shook hands with Michele Obama
- Serial road tripper (46 states so far!)
- Skier, biker, marathoner, canoer, & former figure skater

As a principal of Life Meets Work, Teresa plays a lead role in the company’s strategic direction and consulting projects.

Before joining Life Meets Work, Teresa led retention and engagement strategies at RSM McGladrey as Senior Director of Talent Management. Her innovative coaching and culture programs led the company to prestigious work-life recognition including Working Mother Media’s “100 Best Companies,” The Conference Board’s “Moving Into the Future” award, and the Alfred P. Sloan award, among others.

Teresa has also received the AWLP Work-Life Rising Star award for her innovative work in the field, and is a World at Work faculty member and AWLP board member. Her work has been featured in many books and media outlets including the CBS Morning Show, NBC Nightly News, NPR, Wall Street Journal, and HR Magazine.

Often heard saying: “That’s not a flex issue, that’s a management issue.”

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Jaime b&W mini

Jaime Leick
Content Editor

Random Details:
- BA in English, MA in Journalism
- Keeps composting worms in her office
- VW campervan owner

Way more productive in blue jeans than nylons, Jaime Leick is a freelance writer who thrives in the solitude of at-home work. Having a blast with her own flexible lifestyle, Jaime is beyond happy to bring her editorial expertise to a company that is committed to fostering flexible workplaces. Practicing work/life balance, Jaime severs all contact for an annual week-long wilderness trip, and it hasn’t cost her a client yet.

Often heard saying: “The period goes inside the quotation mark!”

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Jenn Prusak
Administrative Assistant

Random Details:
- Degree in Psychology
- Mom to a superstar baseball player and a trophy winning dancer
- Enjoys all things crafty

Jenn loves a good spreadsheet, can magically keep multiple balls in the air, and occasionally burns the midnight oil to get the job done.  With experience in construction and graphic design fields, plus a love of numbers, she brings a great mix of right and left brain qualities to the table.

Often heard saying: “No problem…I’ll take care of it!”

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Joe Edakkunnathu

Joe Edakkunnathu
Web Designer

Random Details:
- Restaurant Owner Wannabe
- Celebrity News Junkie
- Technology Evangelist

After 10 years of agency work, plus freelancing on the side, Joe Edakkunnathu decided to go all out and freelance full time to a) see if he could, and b) spend more time with his 2 children. He could indeed, and finds himself working now more than ever. Since their noisy little one isn’t all that welcome at fancy restaurants, Joe has happily resorted to the next best thing–cooking gourmet meals at home.

Often heard saying: “Umm, that’s not in the scope of the project.”


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