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Podcast: Future Work

Podcast: Future Work

This podcast delves into big picture issues behind flexibility.  How is the way we work changing? How fast will it change? and Why do organizations need to get on board? If you’re new to flexibility or are hungry for an in-depth discussion of this workplace paradigm shift, this podcast is for you.

Our Guests

Alison Maitland and Peter Thomson are the authors of Future Work: How Businesses Can Adapt and Thrive in the New World of Work.  (November 2011 | Palgrave Macmillan)  Maitland is a writer and speaker who specializes in leadership, gender and work. Thomson is a director of Wisework Ltd. which advises clients on creating corporate cultures that support the new way of working. Both are based in the U.K.

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From the podcast:

  • The workplace itself is changing…the office is becoming a meeting place, not a work place.
  • The gap between the self-employed and the employee will narrow to the point that employment will look more like being self-employed.
  • Managers recognize distinct differences between the culture they are currently working in and culture they’d ideally like to be in…However, I think almost half the big organizations that exist today– they might not be able to make that change.
  • Status will have less to do with place your place in the corporate hierarchy and the corner office. It’s going to be about whether you are good at inspiring and motivating your team — whether you are a great team and relationship builder.
  • [Flexible work] isn’t really an option anymore. Because this great wave of change is coming. It’s really a matter of how you act on this. It’s a matter of keeping up with, or getting ahead of, the competition.


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