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Ten Components of a Flexible Workplace

Ten Components of a Flexible Workplace

A flexible workplace is one in which the staff have access to alternative work arrangements by flexing their work hours, location, or the nature of their employment (e.g. part-time, job share).

Productivity and employee satisfaction improve when flexible workplaces demonstrate the following:  [private_basic]


Structure involves a conscious management decision to determine how flexibility will be deployed in the organization.  Structure may include formal policies OR a purposeful decision to address requests on a case-by-case basis.


Employees have the software and hardware they need to work remotely and/or access information when a co-worker is out of the office.

Employee Attributes

Employees are self-directed and motivated to perform.


Management creates opportunities to connect with remote workers.  They celebrate team successes by recognizing and including all contributors.

Trust and Control

Managers trust employees to perform.   They strike a successful balance between employee autonomy and accountability.

Management Process

Managers flex to changing conditions and figure out what works best for each person and each job at any given time.  They help create connections and provide tools that enable all employees to collaborate and excel.

Performance Tools

Managers monitor results through defined expectations, measurements, and key performance indicators.


The organization leverages both technology and interpersonal best practices to share information, build a sense of inclusion for flexible workers, and minimize misunderstandings.


Flexible workers have equal opportunity to receive challenging assignments and move up through the organization.  Flexible workers are respected for their contributions, and co-workers avoid judgments or criticism regarding a person’s decision to work flexibly.


Despite variations in work hours or office locations, individual, team and company successes are celebrated.  Systems are put in place, and priority is given, to recognizing and rewarding accomplishments.



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