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Self-Guided Exercise #1: Pre-Program Analysis

Self-Guided Exercise #1: Pre-Program Analysis

Are you considering a flex program?  You may be thinking about starting or expanding your current program and are looking for ideas for how to get started.

Start with an analysis of your organization.  Taking a hard look at your company’s landscape before you focus on implementation will help you identify the challenges, opportunities, partners, etc. you’ll need to consider to make your implementation a success.

Conduct this analysis either on your own, with your steering committee, your Women’s or Working Parents group, or gather a group of employees who are interested in the topic.  Get a good cross-section of levels, departments, and demographics to get the broadest view of your organization.

Workplace Flex Priorities

  • What are your organization’s priorities and goals in 2010?
  • What’s the motivation behind these priorities?
  • How will advocate, sponsor, or support your initiative?
  • How will success be measured?

Workplace Flex Barriers

  • What barriers/challenges do you anticipate?
  • What strategies will you need to overcome them?
  • What role will you play?
  • What resources will you need?
  • What is the process for getting executive-level approval?

Workplace Flex Solutions 

  • What expertise/advice will you need from group members, thought-leaders, advocates and sponsors?
  • What arrangements and programs are feasible in your organization?
  • How open is your organization to technology?  Do you have a lot already or would you need to invest in collaborative software, and hardware like laptops and a VPN?
  • What are some small, incremental ways to improve flexibility in the short term before your official program launch?


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