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At Life Meets Work, we’re here to take the guesswork out of flex work. We work with organizations to improve and implement flexible work programs that attract the best talent, and maximize productivity and profitability.

We know that few companies have the time or energy to embark on a massive flexibility initiative.  So, we take a pragmatic approach, recommending small, realistic steps that make a lasting impact.

We also know that even in the most committed flexible workplaces barriers like manager resistance, face time and lack of executive buy-in hinder the best intentions.

Through our online membership site and services like assessments, planning, coaching, consulting, and training, we show you how to break down those barriers to make flex a living, breathing part of your culture.

We offer solutions that fit your needs and your budget:

“Budgets are tight, so I need to do it myself.  But, I don’t have time to surf the internet looking for information.” Become a member of our online community where you’ll find information, tools, templates and e-lessons to show you the ropes.  The time you’ll save more than pays for the membership.

“I’d prefer to put the program together myself, but I’d feel better knowing I can get expert guidance along the way.” Ask about our coaching services. A coach will share best-practice advice and help you avoid common pitfalls as you’re developing your presentation or implementation plan.

“I don’t have a lot of time and I’d really like an expert to build the plan with my help, of course.” Then, our consulting services are right for you.  We’ll work with you to customize your flex presentation or implementation plan to fit your culture and include components that you may not have thought of on your own.

“We have a flex plan in place, but we’re still running into pockets of manager resistance.  It’s just not doing everything we’d hoped it would for our business.” Manager resistance is one of the main reasons that flex programs fail.  We’ll work with you via our consulting services to recommend “structural supports “to improve organizational buy-in.  And, we’ll train your managers, employees and/or their teams on the skills they need to work flexibly effectively.

Call us at today (888) 462.LMW1, or email to discuss how we can help you make flex a living, breathing part of your organization.

Please visit our focus and capabilities page for more information.



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