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Work, When Work Is Offline

Work, When Work Is Offline

In the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, roughly 900,000 New York customers were without power.  And even people that did have power found themselves without phone or internet service.

So for many organizations, telework (in the technical sense) wasn’t an option.  But for plenty, work continued in different, “less modern” ways.  Here are some quick thoughts on how work can still be meaningful and productive, even when your systems are offline:

  • Tackle projects that require big picture thinking—the kind we never slow down long enough to do otherwise
  • Work on strategic planning, writing, visioning
  • Set goals for yourself and your team
  • Take advantage of the camaraderie and team building opportunities that come from helping your neighbor
  • Envision new initiatives that would improve the meaningfulness of your job—something you’ve always dreamed of starting but never had the time to plan out
  • Clean out files, organize your work space—purging tangible stuff often makes room for ideas

If you have phone but no internet… make calls to contacts you’ve been meaning to reach out to but haven’t taken the time—old colleagues, coworkers from past jobs, etc.

Or collaborate over the phone with coworkers on a current project.  Going back to older forms of communication can change the dynamic of the work you usually do face-to-face or via videoconference.

Everyday Takeaway
You don’t need an IT team to implement telework.  Valuable work can happen outside the office, even if you don’t have a virtual private network, Skype, or instant messaging.  Don’t let technology keep you from rethinking when and where work gets done.

Photo Credit: MTA Photos via flickr


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