Helping every working person live a better life.


Work reimagined. Life transformed.

We are workforce strategy consultants helping improve team alignment, 
workforce mobility, and work life programs to improve employee engagement.

Make a difference for your employees and organization.
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Refocus is a radical new take on leadership training

Stop Envisioning an Enviable Culture
and Start Enabling One.

Look at your workplace in new ways and
get in-the-trenches support to develop and
implement your workforce future strategies.

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Helping every working person live a better life.

Coaches guide development, helping
individuals tackle tough challenges
and fuel professional growth.

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Training for a Marathon, Not Just a Sprint.

Fast track your teams. Fresh development
approaches create training at scale and
make learning stick.

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Insights that Illuminate.

Shine a light on hidden challenges
and opportunities. Robust analysis
creates a foundation for real change.

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Are you ready to Refocus?

Refocus is a radical new take on leadership training, designed for scalability. Discover new ways to increase individual productivity and engagement, enhance leadership skills, bring learnings back to improve team member wellbeing.

We can help you create an environment that meets people where they are, encourages risk-taking, opens up traditional ways of working and gives people the freedom to create. 

It’s not “one by one.” It’s “one by team.” Cultural shift with a snowball effect.