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Your September Work-Life Checklist

September is a time of transition.  Summer vacations are winding down, classes are starting up again, and networking season is about to kick into high gear.  

If you have kids, back-to-school time means shifting from flexible summer nights into a regimented schedule full of demands and expectations.  But even if you don’t, there’s just something about the end of summer that says, “Focus, people!”  

1.  Take Time for a Values Check

The clearer you are about your values (what’s important to you), the more purposeful you can be about making decisions to live out those values. 

2. Negotiate Responsibilities

Talk with your spouse about the household responsibilities that will ramp back up this fall.  Be honest about what you each want out of your career and what you can accomplish.  Consider having the same kind of conversation with your manager to negotiate roles and boundaries.

Managers can get out ahead of the fall busy season by initiating similar conversations with their teams. 

3.  Reevaluate Duties

With the kids going back to school, fall seems like an opportune time for fresh starts at the office too.  If you’re a manager, consider: Who needs opportunities to grow? Who needs to be re-engaged through new duties? Who needs to delegate more in order to free up time and energy?

Life Meets Work services include Critical Conversations training to help managers foster open dialogue around sensitive topics.   

4.  Gain Clarity

Prepare yourself for the fall rush by cleaning and organizing your desk area, your closet, and your car.  Reduce the clutter in your work area. Go through files and toss old information. Donate old clothing.  Experiment with a fresh organization system.

Book our Prioritization Management workshop for your department or professional association. We’ll motivate your group to prioritize and get organized in all areas of their life. 

5.  Build a Personal Board of Directors

Identify a mentor (or several) who will offer perspective on your career and life goals.  These experienced professionals can help provide clarity about how to prioritize your values and how to manage when your responsibilities feel overwhelming.

Work-Life Coaching programs reduce turnover intent by helping employees find solutions to common challenges. 

Tell us: What’s on your work-life list this September?