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Infographic: How to Survive As a New Working Parent



Parenting isn’t easy, and working parents have unique struggles when it comes to managing professional and personal responsibilities.  This infographic contains several useful tips that will help you through the transition from “working professional” to “working professional/parent.”

The first step is to PLAN ahead for your maternity or paternity leave, to line up childcare, and to discuss return-to-work strategies with your manager.

Remember to GET HELP.  Learn to negotiate for what you need, at home and at work.  Get proactive about building your support structure.  And, look for opportunities to delegate or outsource household chores.

Perspective is important, so FOCUS ON WHAT MATTERS.  Whether you’re struggling with a decision at work or stressing out over weekend plans, use the 10-10-10 rule: Will this matter 10 days from now? 10 months? 10 years?  Focus your energies on decisions with longer-term impact.  Next, remember there is no one right way, so try to avoid comparisons and let go of other people’s judgments.

TAKE CARE.  Your health is important too.  You can’t be an effective caregiver if you aren’t strong and well yourself.

Finally, take some time to EVALUATE your efforts. If you’re feeling comfortable and confident, carry on! If you’re feeling stressed or stuck, seek support from a friend, coach or a mentor.

Work-Life Coaching Service

Life Meets Work offers Work-Life Coaching programs designed to improve employee resiliency and minimize turnover. Our certified coaches provide support for employees who are working through key life transitions or struggling with competing demands for their time and attention.  Contact Teresa Hopke via email or phone (612-210-3803) for more information about company-sponsored Work-Life Coaching solutions.