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5 Reasons Your Dog Loves When You Work from Home

Saturday, August 26 is National Dog Day! In honor of the occasion, we put together this very important, highly scientific list of all the reason your dog likes it when you work from home. Then, keep scrolling for a pup-tastic review of the furry friends sitting underneath the Life Meets Work team chairs.

  1. I get to go outside and “do my thing” more often. No full bladders here!
  2. Food! Because if you’re eating something, I might get something.
  3. Toys! Because if you’re on a conference call, I get a Kong or puzzle box to keep me busy and quiet (maybe).
  4. Lunch time walks. Yeah, that’s right. We’re taking a lunch break.
  5. Because my person is home with me! #squadgoals

And now, we’re pleased to introduce the Life Meets Work dogs:

Murphy Charles
American Bulldog, Boxer and Lab Mix
Murphy’s human: Nikki Potter, Client Relationship Manager

Murphy in a boat

Chihuahua, Mini Poodle, Bichon Frise, and Shiba Inu
Sage’s human: Amy Dooley, Creative Director

Sage on Christmas lights

And here she is as her crime fighting alter ego, Super Sage!

Sage in a superhero cape

Golden Retriever
Vinny’s human: Sarah Gourley, Coaching Coordinator

Vinny in a field

King Charles Cavalier
Reggie’s human: Jaime Leick, Content Editor

Calamity’s human: Kenneth Matos, VP, Research

Milli’s human: Amanda Dustan, Project Manager

And for those of you lucky ducks who can bring your dog to the office, here’s some real good news for you: A Virginia Commonwealth University study found that employees who bring dogs to work take breaks which increases productivity levels by 11% and reduces stress by 70% over the course of the day.

So pooch or not, make sure to take a “paws” today!