More confidence. Less overwhelm.

Career coaching programs help people figure out what they want out of their work lives, and find ways to hold on to it during constantly shifting circumstances.

Through coaching, professionals learn to:

  • Connect their goals and values
  • Manage stress and anxiety
  • Address workload concerns
  • Renew their energy
  • Prioritize well-being along with work
Across the globe, we offer coaching for emerging leaders, managers and working parents (including new moms and dads).
Working Parent
"As a result of coaching, I am happier going into work and extremely excited to go home and be with my family. I have a great work/life balance and understand that I can definitively do both and be as successful in my career."
Emerging Leader
"I have learned to take ownership of my career, how to think strategically and make my needs known to those who can help me get where I want to go."
"I have now realized everyone needs a story. In working through mine, I realized my story has holes where I need to focus and really try to build them out, both professionally and personally."
We offer individual, small group and large group coaching sessions.
1:1 Coaching
Individual coaching for any employee including working parents. Coaches help employees address work-life conflict and alleviate stressors via phone/video.
Small Group Coaching
Coaches facilitate peer conversations for shared learning. Participants learn from each other and from a coach who specializes in career-life conflict.
Large Group Coaching
Participants learn and explore problem-solving strategies in an interactive webinar format. Includes Q&A time and best practice sharing.

Bloomberg, Deloitte, Weil, Centro, and KPMG are just a few of the organizations that we've developed custom on-going coaching programs for.

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