Overcome the Overwhelm

Workplace stress has soared to new levels, and more people are leaving corporate positions to create their own professional paths.

Career-Life coaching can help employees overcome the stress and anxiety that get in the way of a fulfilling career in your organization.

Our coaches lead individual and group sessions. We also offer peer-to-peer program guides.

We've worked with Weil, O'Melveny & Myers, and Katten to help their employees find balance and well-being with our career-life coaching.

"I made more progress in five sessions than I have in the last decade.  Coaching was really helpful for realizing what was causing my stress. I am setting better boundaries at work and at home and I'm getting more stuff done due to better prioritization. I am able to focus so much better and I even see improvement in my short term memory."

-- Manager, Professional Services Firm 

Make Leaning In a Little Easier.