Find the Opportunities to Remove the Obstacles to a Happy, Healthy Workforce

Our insights can help identify your organizational behaviors and beliefs. Only with this knowledge can you drive strategic change.

We use both qualitative and quantitative approaches to find the links between key workforce drivers and your organizational goals, and the steps required to make your organization an employer of choice.
Research Briefs
Our research briefs are summaries of the academic and business writings on workforce-oriented topics. The briefs focus on providing concise reviews of published research and thought leader perspectives on areas of interest to the community of HR professionals, business leadership and suppliers of workforce solutions.
Life Meets Work’s research team can analyze your existing data sources such as electronic personnel records and employee surveys. We can dig deep into the data to find additional insights and craft game-changing interventions and policies. We can also suggest improvements to data collection tools to enhance the quality of the data collected and its value to your leadership and other key stakeholders.
Employee Surveys
Our custom surveys can help expose the root causes behind your biggest talent management challenges. Wondering what is contributing most to the drop off in female leaders? Want to know what will make employees stay rather than leave? Before you can make decisions and take action, you need to figure out exactly what the issues are. Custom employee surveys is an easy way to get the data you need to make strategic decisions, build your business case, and take the right actions.
Original Studies
Life Meets Work can answer any question you might have about your employees, your organization, and your customers. We conduct quantitative and qualitative research using a combination of internal resources and strategic partnerships. Many methods are used to study your important issues including telephone and Internet methodologies, individual interviews, and focus groups. If you have a question that you want to be answered, we have a solution that gets answers.

We have helped organizations like DaVita, Minnesota Department of Transportation, Mars and the University of the Pacific gain more insight into their competition and workforce through custom research initiatives.

Find Your Organization’s Path Forward.