Tools for Working Parents

It’s time for a little lift. The working parents that make up a significant portion of your workforce need help managing their career-life conflict. Acknowledge their pain points, help them achieve greater success in both work and life, and take the load off of your plate with our tools and services.

ERG Discussion Playbooks

Discussion playbooks facilitate reflection, information sharing, and action among caregiver groups. Playbooks are an easy way for organizations to empower your working caregivers to develop strong internal relationships, grow personally and professionally, and harness their skills to create change for success.

Playbooks include meetup questions and follow-up activities that enhance discussion and learning around six key topic areas. In addition to supporting the launch and ongoing success of ERGs, playbooks can be leveraged in your next training or peer mentoring program.

Available playbooks

New Parent Cohort Playbook
Working Parent Cohort Playbook
Elder Care Cohort Playbook

Leave Resource Guides

New Parent Guide

Ease the transition into working parenthood with a one-stop resource to support new parents and communicate critical benefits information. Includes tips for transitioning in and out of leave, managing emotions, dealing with guilt, and setting realistic expectations.

Managing Leave Leader Guide

Walk leaders through the practical steps they can take to support working parents and keep them engaged. Includes tips for leading employees before and after parental leave, conversation starters, fast phrases and customized benefits information.


Our interactive format engages employees and managers in rich discussion and best practice sharing.

Our Care-Giver Workshops Include:

Parental Leave Success — Training for leaders

During these workshops, new moms, new dads and managers learn how to better support and manage a parental leave on their team. These workshops and/or webinars build Emotional IQ around working parent support.


  • Establishing frequency and method of contact
  • Navigating pre-leave conversations
  • Creating a culture of acceptance and encouragement
  • What to say/what NOT to say
  • Conveying openness towards flex options
  • Actively modeling work/life effectiveness
  • Investing in connection
  • Dynamic boundaries and resiliency
  • Approach to leave preparation and reintegration

Accept It or Change It: 10 strategies for managing work and life stressors

We’re overloaded like never before with personal and professional responsibilities. At a time when workloads and stress levels have never been higher, we find ourselves asking “How can we manage it all?”

In this interactive workshop, top-rated speaker Kyra Cavanaugh, President of Life Meets Work, will challenge you to take an honest look at the stressors in your life, both at work and at home. She’ll offer a simple framework for reducing stress and 12 different ideas to help you better manage your life through improved communication and decision-making techniques.

Kyra will highlight the importance of:

  • Setting personal and professional boundaries
  • Letting go of unrealistic expectations
  • Negotiating with others for the life you want

You’ll walk away with practical, real-world advice for taming the stress in your life. You’ll have a chance to interact with other participants about their challenges and triumphs, and ask questions at the end of the workshop. See why participants have called this workshop “life-changing” and “helpful to making changes in my life that were long overdue.”

Mindful Living: Make choices and trade-offs to live the life you want

Life is complex –both on the job and off. Finding the time, energy and tactics to manage it all is sometimes challenging and stressful.

In this workshop, we will help you consider six areas of your life-what’s going well and what needs to change--and then develop an action plan to help you live the life you want.

In this workshop, we will explore:

  • Explain the importance of making choices and trade-offs
  • Explore six key life areas that include family, work, fun, and more
  • Assess the current quality of your life in each area
  • Identify key changes you can make to improve your happiness
  • Determine strategies for living mindfully

You’ll have a chance to share your challenges and triumphs with your peers, and ask your own work/life questions in a lively Q&A at the end of the workshop.

You’ll gain new tools and best practice ideas to increase your resiliency and ensure personal and professional fulfillment.

Building Resilience: Optimize performance, prevent burnout and manage overwhelm

How many workouts have you missed due to your workload? When was the last time you took a real vacation (and relaxed with your family)? Feeling stressed?

Resilience is about managing energy and stress to keep from burning out. Yet, the longer stress and overwork continue the harder it is to stay in the game. Faced with continuous change and a never-ending stream of work, it’s essential to build skills to manage it all.

In this workshop, we help you:

  • Examine your sources of stress
  • Practice five resilience strategies that include: energy management, boundary setting and making mindful choices
  • Think about capacity in a whole new way
  • Regain a sense of control
  • Respond positively to pressure and adversity

In this highly interactive workshop with small group exercises and self-reflection, you’ll learn practical tips for living a less overworked and stressed life.

You’ll walk away with practical ideas and insights to help you manage your energy, perform better at work, and be present to the people (and in the situations) that matter most.

Boundary Setting: I said YES when I should have said NO

Does boundary setting come easy to you? Or do you often find yourself saying yes when you wish you would have said no? Boundary setting is a lot harder than it sounds. But boundary setting is the key to creating work life success.

In this workshop we will explore the root of the issues around boundary setting, the guilt that drives the behaviors and the best practices for having effective conversations around boundaries.

In this workshop, participants will:

  • Identify boundary needs
  • Determine how to set realistic boundaries around work and life
  • Learn to have boundary setting conversations
  • Put a plan in place to adhere to boundaries

Participants will gain new tools and best practice ideas and have a chance to share their challenges and triumphs with their peers. They will walk away with confidence in their ability to set boundaries that ensure they can be successful both personally and professionally.

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