Are your new parents struggling?

Wherever there is change there is challenge, and working parents can find it a struggle when life meets work. The effort to be a successful employee and a devoted parent can be overwhelming, especially during the first year of parenthood as a worker adapts to the unpredictable demands of both work and child-rearing.

Working parents want to get it right.

They want to effectively manage their schedules and responsibilities, they want to be excellent performers for their managers and peers, and they want to be the best parents they can.

Our coaches focus on guiding employees to develop and pursue their own personalized strategies to achieve their goals.

We’ve identified eight broad issues that new parents struggle with.

This report explores their concerns and offers solutions for these problems, including:
Travel Demands
Time and Workflow Management
Short-notice Changes and Emergencies
Manager and Coworker Support
Diversity Issues
Stress and Emotional Control

Discover the Value of Working Parent Coaching

Working parent coaching can be used as a recruitment and retention tool, especially if it gives you access to top talent that gets pushed out of less supportive organizations. Even if an employee is not in danger of leaving, resolving these concerns could help them be more productive and supportive of team success with reduced risks of burnout.

Learn how you can attract and retain successful employees and avoid costly turnover.