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Kyra's new book is ready! It's here! Well actually, it's over here: Who Works Where Book.


It's time to build your skills for the future of work. Work is changing, and it is no longer reasonable or appropriate to "manage by walking around." You can't use face time to monitor whether people are working; you need the skills to manage for performance. Your future teams will be increasingly mobile and dispersed. Successful managers will know how to get the best from these teams, how to maintain engagement, and how to build collaboration...even when people don't see each other face-to-face everyday.

Who Works Where [and Who Cares?] will show you exactly how to do that.  (Here's a preview: It starts with a conversation.

HR Leaders:

You have a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. Everyone is under pressure to do more with less, and employees can't bear up anymore. You're supposed to find a way to keep everyone healthy and engaged and loyal to an organization that's co-opted their priorities and their personal time. It's time for hand-to-hand combat. Pilot the Who Works Where approach with just a few teams. Show managers how they can address both individual needs AND business needs using the same tool.

Once teams start to see the results, you can introduce the process to a few more departments. Expand the conversation...and watch your culture change organically, from the inside out.

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