The role of fathers has changed tremendously in recent years.

“State of America’s Fathers” is a report on the state of fatherhood in America. This study, co-authored by Life Meets Work’s Ken Matos, PhD, is based on game changing research on what it means to be a father in America today.

Full of actionable recommendations, the report highlights the diversity of American families and the importance of supporting American fathers across the entire socioeconomic spectrum.

Life Meets Work and Our Role Supporting Families

Life Meets Work provides industry-leading support for corporate managers and resource personnel seeking to find better ways to support their workers. One of the ways we do this is through expert, results-driven parent coaching. It’s a vital service for your employees who are parents now or those who will be reaching that milestone in the future.

Understanding the Changing Role of Fathers is Great for Business

Fathers play a pivotal role in creating a strong society. But this topic often does not receive the attention it deserves. A revolutionary change in fatherhood is underway. Very essential steps are necessary to help support fathers during this time.

State of America’s Fathers

Get this game changing research on what it means to be a father in America today.

“State of America’s Fathers” reviews the need for national legislation to provide, equal and non-transferable leave for both mothers and fathers of newborns, the need for a living wage, an Earned Income Tax Credit for nonresident fathers who pay child support, joint physical custody of children when it is in the best interest of the child, a call for workplaces to value the contributions that parents make as caregivers as well as many other recommendations.

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