Rekindle that spark.

Get in touch with who you are as a leader and show up for your team in an authentic, effective way.

The Refocus experience is built on research linking personal wellbeing to organizational performance. You’ll learn to manage your energy and intentions and then translate those skills to the workplace, so your entire team can thrive.

Meet the Refocus Leadership Experience

The Refocus Leadership Experience challenges participants to step out of the noise of daily life in order to live and lead mindfully. Shed the busyness and chaos, and eliminate the toxicity that occurs when team members are over-worked and over-stressed.

  • Reconnect with what drives you.
  • Reenergize to be your best self at work.
  • Reimagine team work habits and help your organization thrive.

Your Refocus experience includes:


Dig deep into resilience strategies, with brain-based training in mindful living, happiness, boundary setting and stress management. Explore ways to integrate these strategies at work and home.


Gain greater awareness of your work style, your presence, and your emotional IQ. Learn how to leverage your strengths while supporting other personalities and approaches.


Engage one-on-one with a personal coach who will reinforce your learning, helping you develop action plans and evaluate real world applications.

Team Application

Stop squeezing more out of people. Take a different approach to productivity and learn to refuel people so they have more to give. You’ll learn practical tools you can share with your team to increase energy, resilience, and satisfaction. As you grow, you teach by example and multiply the impact.

Tell your senior talent executive:

Refocus is a radical new take on leadership training, designed for scalability. Managers discover new ways to lead, including fresh skills for managing workload and capacity. Each participant identifies how to implement these concepts with their team, building both personal and group action plans.

It’s not “one by one.” It’s “one by team.” Culture shift with a snowball effect.

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