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Our workshops show your workforce how to make their work lives work for them. People walk away with powerful new perspectives and proven, practical tools.

Workshop topics include:

Training sessions are packed full of practical advice, tips and interaction.

Employee Wellbeing & ERG Workshops

Parental Leave Workshops

In addition to our general parenting workshop, we offer a few topics specific to certain parenting cohorts. We can also…

Post-Training Support

All workshops can be supplemented with post-training support activities that reinforce messaging and remind participants of key training elements:

  • Content licensing for your intranet, newsletters, or other ongoing communication
  • Pre-developed content makes it turnkey for you to provide fresh, relevant information, tips, and advice.
  • Twelve follow-up emails to participants that highlight key elements of the training
  • Key workshop concepts are featured in 200-word weekly email reminders.
  • Twelve 2-minute video reminders distributed via email revisit key advice, skills and strategies highlighted during the workshop. These video reminders are designed to engage participants quickly and reinforce one key concept at a time.
  • Three 1-hour group conference calls where participants have the opportunity to ask follow-up questions and get advice from their peers.
  • One-on-one coaching calls for participants who have specific issues that they’d like to discuss individually.

ERG/Cohort Discussion Guide

The key to sustaining behavior and mindset change is to build accountability and ongoing dialogue into the process. At LMW, we believe in the power of peers and want to make it easy for cohort groups to engage in meaningful dialogue beyond the workshop experiences we facilitate. To that end, we have created a cohort discussion guide that is a turnkey way for your cohorts to dive deeper into topics that matter and create accountability among like minded peers.

Your discussion guide will include six months of suggested content to be used to guide ERG/cohort discussions and interactions including:

  • Questions to guide each bi-monthly cohort discussion
  • Suggested readings for individuals between cohort meetings
  • Suggested videos to use as cohort discussion prompts
  • Activities for cohorts to engage in between and during their bi-monthly meetings
  • A LMW coach can also facilitate cohort discussions on an occasional or regular basis for an additional fee.

Help Your Workforce Help Themselves.