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Finding Success as a Working Parent: Strategies to make it all work when you work

How many of us appear to have it all together while secretly coming apart at the seams?  While we may not have it all, working parents are the masters of ingenuity and creativity when it comes to making work and life work.

Using story-telling to bring out the universal truths of working parenthood—and best practices for managing the stress, joy, and unpredictability of career-oriented parenthood—we will help you find your own path to success.

Attendees will explore: 

  • Their own highs and lows of working parenthood
  • Simple techniques for identifying and alleviating stress
  • The value of authenticity and transparency at work
  • How parenting and leadership skills align
  • Practical strategies for work and life success gathered from over 100 working parents

From this fast-paced workshop, you’ll walk away knowing you’re not alone. With the knowledge that you are on a shared journey, you’ll be ready to apply the practical tips and perspective you learn to better manage your work-life journey.