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Parental Leave Workshops

In addition to our general parenting workshop, we offer a few topics specific to certain parenting cohorts. We can also create customized workshops based on cohort needs and offer the workshops as a quarterly webinar series. Here are a few cohort examples:

Preparing for Parental Leave

  • Review off-boarding and leave strategies
  • Explore organization benefits/support available to new parents
  • Identify the conversations you need to have prior to your leave
  • Create an off-boarding plan

Returning from Parental Leave

  • Review reintegration strategies
  • Learn to stay focused on what really matters
  • Discuss best practices for self care
  • Plan a personal working parent strategy
  • Share practical tips on finding success as a working parent

Leading Through Leave

  • Boost awareness of organization policies and resources
  • Discuss strategies for successful career conversations
  • Learn how to demonstrate emotionally intelligent leadership
  • Provide tips for supporting new parents